Big Buck Hunter

Play pretend killing of animals with your best friends in the comfort of a subterranean bar. Do not worry, no animals are really hurt in the playing of big buck hunter.


You've played this game in parking lots and picnics! Now play FULL LENGTH Cornhole at PS with our brand new boards!! FREE

Pop-a-Shot Basketball

Show off your free throw skills!  Play solo or link up and challenge your frinds to a side-by-side shoot out!!!


We have four lanes of the best game the boardwalk has to offer!   50 cents for 9 Balls.  Interested in joining a SkeeBall League at PS?  Email for more info.

Giant Connect Four


NFL 2 Minute QB Drill

Back up your Monday morning quarterback talk and show off your QB skills!

Ping Pong

Beer and Ping Pong!  Does it get any better?


Four quarters = 9 Balls

Bubble Hockey

Pregame with some Bubble Hockey and if you're Rocking the Red and you are entitled to $3 Bud Light/ $12 Pitchers, $4 Yuengling/$16 Pitchers and 50 cent wings before, during and after all Caps Games!!!


Sun-Wed: $8/hour. Thurs-Sat: $12/hour; pro-rated to the minute.    FREE SHUFFLEBOARD SATURDAY & SUNDAY BEFORE 4PM! 

The Simpsons

Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do, We do.

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do, we do.

Who keeps back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do, we do.

Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do, we dooooooo.

Now let's get drunk and play Ping Pong!!

Board Games

Boggle, Cranium, Last Word, LikeWise, Buzzword, Risk, Stratego, Scrabble, Chess, Connect 4, The Crazy Cat Lady Game, Qwirkle, Wits and Wagers, Battle of the Sexes, Clue, BattleShip, Backgammon, Checkers, Domino's and MORE!!  We are constantly adding new games and they are ALL FREE TO PLAY ANYTIME!!!

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7/25 - Late Night

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7/26 - Late Night